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A Publishers Weekly’s starred review

“This cozy series debut from West (The Borderline Chronicles series) invites readers to the charming small town of Timber Falls, Ore. When Daniel Durand returns to his hometown to complete his medical residency at the local hospital, he’s immediately smitten by midwife Winifred Baker. After his unflattering first impression, Winnie rebuffs Daniel’s advances; she’s still raw from the breakup of her long-term relationship with her high school sweetheart, Ethan, and self-conscious about dating a younger man. But they soon bond over their shared love of graphic novels, and after Winnie realizes she may have misjudged Daniel, she asks him to accompany her to a wedding Ethan is also attending. As their feelings deepen, Daniel’s determined to prove his intentions are sincere to Winnie, her mother, and the entirety of Timber Falls if necessary. The low stakes are comforting rather than boring, giving this joyful romance the perfect slice-of-life feel. The endearing cast, sweet love story, and fully realized setting will be more than enough to keep the pages turning. This is small-town romance done right.”

A classy, sophisticated woman who can quote The Hulk? Now that’s worth fighting for…

Daniel Durand just met his soulmate. Never mind that she’s his attending physician’s daughter and she’s a few years older than him. The hot blonde midwife just gave him the cold shoulder at the elevators at Santiam Hospital, but he never did give up easy. There’s too much at stake: women who understand his comic book quotes don’t come along every day. After bonding over early-morning Mexican food, can he convince her that he’s just the arm candy she needs for that wedding she’s dreading…and show her he can be what she needs after all?

Winnie Baker isn’t taking her cousin to another wedding. And she’s not going by herself, not with her ex-boyfriend blowing up her phone with texts, asking to be her date. But the pickings are a bit slim in Timber Falls, a sleepy Oregon town in the foothills of the Cascades. She moved here to focus on building her midwifery practice, not get involved with millennial boys with trendy shoes and witty comebacks for days. When her mother’s constant scrutiny leads Winnie to make a rash bet, can their fledgling relationship take the heat of the whole town’s attention?

Start the book Publishers Weekly called “small-town romance done right.”

Could Be Something Good is the first book in the Timber Falls sweet romantic comedy series. It contains mild cursing, a make-out scene involving melted butter and stolen moments in medical supply closets, but no open door sex scenes. If you like ridiculous bets, meddling relatives, and reverse dates, grab this book now.

Cover art by Erin O’Neill-Jones


He just wanted to kiss her. Now he’s locked in the tool trailer with his brother’s best friend…

After ignoring his feelings for Ainsley for years, emergency room doctor Kyle Durand finally decides it’s time to act. But the same day he makes his move, he finds out she may already be engaged. Engaged? How’s he supposed to get close enough to find out without making a fool of himself? Not a simple task for any man, autistic or otherwise…

First-grade teacher Ainsley Buchanan’s been pouring herself into Timber Falls for years on committee after committee, and this school year looks to be no different. But when the town’s most eligible bachelor signs up to her Habitat for Humanity build not knowing one end of a hammer from the other, she can’t help but be suspicious about why he’s really there…

Ainsley wants to believe that Kyle’s focused attention on her means he wants something more. But she believed that before, with another man, and found out she was wrong in the harshest, most public way possible. 

Can she believe that this is anything other than a mistake? 

Must be a Mistake is the second book in the Timber Falls romantic comedy series, set in small-town Oregon. This book contains scenes of bullying against religious minorities and sensual ice cream licking (not related), but no open-door sex scenes. Fans of Hart of Dixie love the Timber Falls series! If you like kid-prompted shenanigans, communities that come together to help each other, and over-the-top proposals, pick up this book now! 

Cover art by Erin O’Neill-Jones


Second chance? Fat chance. True love can kiss her high-heeled boots.

Just before college, Martina fled her high school sweetheart’s house like Cinderella a minute before midnight. Lost shoe? Who cares. She’d expected a ring, not the break-up talk. She’s spent the last few years pouring herself into her work at the hospital in Timber Falls by day, studying to become a nurse-practitioner by night. She’s very good at it, too, but she didn’t expect to be asked for by name the moment she joined the home health agency. Especially not by her Prince Not-So-Charming.

Carter has been shouldering his stepmother’s medical care alone for months now, and the weight is getting to him. His classy, put-together mom is falling apart, and Martina is the best person to help. He never imagined that she’d say yes to the job, but now that she has, he’s wondering if he’s not the only one still regretting what happened. She wasn’t just the one who got away; she was The One. The shoe fits: now he just needs to give her a reason to try it on again…

Can Carter prove he’s worth the drama and ready to give her a happily ever after after all?

Right Back Where We Started is the third book in the Timber Falls sweet romantic comedy series. It does not contain cheating or open-door sex scenes; it does contain secret kisses in dark kitchens, golf-learning coziness, and bonding over brownies. Content warning: this book does center on a parent with early-onset Alzheimer’s, but does not depict her death. If you like fashion-obsessed heroines who can name the entire Seahawks defensive line, headstrong heroes who are learning to ask for help and an ending that’s so sweet it hurts, you need this book now.

Cover art by Seth Smith


Wanted: renter for rural Oregon mountain lodge. Single mom divorcees named Starla preferred. 

Starla Moore despises a mystery, and there’s no bigger mystery than Sawyer Devereaux. He comes into the library on Thursdays like clockwork, but rarely talks to anyone else. Not that she despises him; after all, he’s easy on the eyes, quick-witted, and that Southern accent makes her swoon. But in the midst of a divorce, her only romance is the bookish kind. Worst of all, crashing with her bestie won’t be an option soon, especially since her final fling with her husband had one very specific unintended consequence…

Regaining consciousness with his head in the cute librarian’s lap was a rude awakening; Sawyer thought his health problems were under control. Sans driver’s license, there’s no way he can live in his little cabin alone…or keep up with the anonymous book donations he’s been leaving to make Starla smile. When he finds out she’s struggling financially, he proposes a trade: his housing for her driving. Surely he can keep his feelings a secret for a few more months…

He’s given up on his dreams; she’s just figuring hers out. When the rumors start, will it push these two misfits together…or drive one of them out of Timber Falls for good? 

More Than We Bargained For is the fourth book in the Timber Falls romantic comedy series, but can be read as a standalone. If you like town meeting rants, neighborly concerns that become something more, and water fights that heat things up instead of cooling them down, buy this book now. This book contains no open-door sex scenes, no cheating, and a happily ever after.

Cover art by Seth Smith


A tough cop. A tender marketing executive. A tenuous connection they’d both like to strengthen…

Deputy Painter never dreamed she’d get fan mail. When Chase Carpenter’s letter crosses her desk, it never occurs to her not to answer it. Never mind that she arrested him two years earlier; he’s clearly changed a lot since she took him down for using opioids at the town’s birthday celebration. And she can’t help but be flattered by his attention, given that he never gave her a second look the first time they met…

Chase is sober for the first time in his adult life, and now it’s time to go home. The friendship he’s been building with the tough redhead who helped get him on the path to sobriety feels like the start of something more…but when his last letter before leaving rehab goes unanswered, Chase worries that he’s taken all this the wrong way.

Can they translate their long-distance friendship into a relationship IRL?

Just Getting Started is the fifth book in the Timber Falls sweet romance series. It has an HEA and stargazing and sensual hair washing. It has a cute dog who does not die and visits from some of your favorite Timberites, plus lots of new ones. It does not have sex scenes, but you won’t miss them. Content warning for drug use flashbacks, reference to the past death of a parent, and a car accident not involving the main characters. Get your copy now! 

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