The Ex-Princess cover

The Ex-Princess, my debut novel, is out now! It’s currently available in paperback or e-book across various platforms. You can get it here instantly.

If you’re one of those lucky Kindle Unlimited readers, add it to your Goodreads so you won’t forget to read it later. You’re going to love Abbie and Parker’s story!

How do you tell your best friend you can’t marry him after all? 

Abelia is content in her menial job and tiny apartment. When royal emissaries arrive to enforce the marriage contract she thought was void, she has no intention of going with them across the Unveiled. But the alternative means losing the chance to say goodbye to her dying father and letting five years of silence be the last thing they share…

Edward is handed his kingdom unexpectedly when his brother goes off the rails. Now, he must fight a war he doesn’t think he can win. The only task more daunting will be convincing the girl he’s loved all his life to cooperate…if only she’d call him back. 

No one has ever gotten out of an international marriage contract. Can Abbie find a loophole in time to save the life she’s fought to live? 

The Ex-Princess is the first book in the Borderline Chronicles and has a guaranteed HFN ending. It’s Stardust meets A Princess in Theory; you’ll love Fiona West’s heart and wit in this sweet fantasy romance adventure. Grab your copy now! 

The Un-Queen Cover

Abbie and Edward are getting married in 141 days…probably.

After years of being separated, Ex-Princess Abelia and King Edward find themselves on opposites sides of the continent again, spending weekends together when they can. Their fledgling relationship is just getting off the ground, but the distance isn’t making things easy; neither is navigating their newfound intimacy when they’re together.

Magic and politics prove to be a potent combination, and the plan to take out their enemies may just put them in more danger. When opponents threaten to derail their wedding plans by whatever means necessary, the couple must devise drastic measures to protect what they’ve built or be torn apart once again. Will the cost of being together be a price they’re willing to pay?

They’ll need a miracle to pull this off by Twelfth Month…

The Un-Queen is the second book in the Borderline Chronicles. This sweet fantasy romance with a guaranteed HEA has all the humor and drama you’d expect from a strong-willed couple; it’s the wedding you’ve been waiting for! Get your copy now.