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One of Publishers Weekly’s Best Books of 2019

A PUBLISHERS WEEKLY STARRED REVIEW: ” Desert clippers and light rail, magic-powered cellphones, black royalty, and a princess negotiating chronic illness bring both depth and delight to this kind, lighthearted romance. Once upon a time, Princess Abelia Olivia Jayne Venenza Ribaldi Porchenzii renounced matriarchal Brevspor’s throne for an anonymous life working in waste reclamation. Then Abbie learns her engagement contract to Prince Edward of Orangiers is still valid—and to defeat his brother Lincoln’s foreign-backed coup, she must honor it. Resolved to renegotiate her freedom and say goodbye to her ailing father, Abbie sets off through the magic-ridden Unveiled. But duty-driven Edward’s proposal isn’t just a geopolitical stopgap: he loves Abbie, and there might be ways for an ex-princess and a reluctant heir to be happy on both their terms. Final Fantasy fans will relish West’s debut, a vibrant, voraciously readable adventure whose technocratic fantasy world is grounded by a generous understanding of everyday limitations and love. This perfect confection is socially aware, wonderstruck, and unforgettably fun. “

Princes aren’t used to being ghosted.

Edward has been patient. Five years. He waited for his best friend (and betrothed) to return home and fulfill the marriage contract they signed. But he can’t wait anymore. Embroiled in a war he fears he can’t win, he must ascend the throne ASAP with Abbie ruling beside him. If he can just reason with her face to face, he knows they can work it out… that is, assuming she’s more reasonable than she used to be.

All Abbie wants is a cup of coffee, her marriage contract voided, and a horse that doesn’t talk. Is that so much for a princess to ask? But when Edward tracks her down, her dreams of a simple, common life go poof. Now she must choose a life of freedom or one of duty. If only Edward wasn’t so dang alluring, the choice might be easier …

Can an insecure prince and a headstrong princess find enough common ground to fall in love?

Chasing Down Her Highness is a sweet, modern fantasy take on Cinderella with heart and wit. This five-book series is complete; dive into the mixed-up world of the Rocky Royal Romances today! Content warning: death of a parent. This book was previously published under the title The Ex-Princess.


FROM MEGHAN LLOYD ON GOODREADS: ” You know those books and movies where the sequel is just…meh? Yeah, that’s not what we have here. This second in a series is freaking fantastic! Phenomenal! Out of this world amazing! I can’t say enough good things about this book. It has earned its place on my list of favorite books this year, hands down. Fiona West truly outdid herself with The Un-Queen…”

‘Queen Abelia?’ She hardly thinks so. 

Abbie knew it was going to be a challenge to maintain her independence while engaged to the king, but she didn’t expect to be saddled with security so soon. Now that she’s reunited with Edward, all she wants is to be together–as long as it’s on her own terms. 

Enemies within and without are making Edward’s royal wedding look less likely by the day. His fiance is still miles away across the continent. And now he’s flying to a foreign country because his childhood friend has just been shot trying to apprehend his traitorous brother. When Abbie’s health problems flare, it puts a new kind of stress on their rekindled relationship. His bride-to-be can pick a fight, but not a dress…

When a threat from within the castle forces them to flee, Abbie and Edward decide to throw a masquerade with a secret of its own: a trap…with Abbie as the bait. Can they outwit their opponents before time runs out?

Breaking Up the Royals is a sweet, modern fantasy with heart and wit. This five-book series is complete; dive into the mixed-up world of the Rocky Royal Romances today! This book was previously published under the title The Un-Queen. 


Is true love like lightning, or can it strike twice?

Sam only took this job as a favor to one of his best friends, Edward, who also happens to be king. Despite the recent notoriety he gained on a dangerous mission, he doesn’t make friends with women–he doesn’t even make eye contact if he can help it. Being assigned with Macias, the most intimidating woman he’s ever met, poses a small problem. Falling in love with her poses a huge problem.

Tezza Macias, the Grand Duchess’s night security, is too tough to admit that the disappearance of her husband is breaking her. Guaranteeing Abbie’s safety matters more than anything to her, but as depression creeps in, she’s losing her connection with the magic that makes her excel at her job. Her new partner isn’t making things easier with his probing, personal questions about things she’d rather not talk about…even if his brand of handsome shyness is pushing all her buttons.

When a curious projection stalks the castle halls, can they work together to discover its source…and the threat it may pose? 

Serving Side by Side is a sweet stand-alone novella in the Rocky Royal Romances, a complete five-book series. It has a guaranteed HEA and no cheating. Download it today! Content warning: this book contains a character with depression and an allusion to the death of a spouse. This book was previously published under the title The Almost-Widow. 


“This enemies-to-lovers story is touching as it is compelling. …Fiona draws you in with irresistible characters that you just can’t get enough of!” — Merry Jelks-Emmanuel on Goodreads

A single mom itching to expose a royal scandal. A captain determined to protect his friend’s reputation. A natural enmity that doesn’t account for the long, lingering looks…

Brooke Everleigh’s first big story is everything she’d imagined it would be, holding accountable the man who’d cursed her source with a magic kiss –none other than King Edward. She wants his head on a platter, but she’ll settle for an admission of guilt and justice for his victim. 

Captain Saint had hoped for more time to get used to his new job as chief communications officer before getting embroiled in a scandal. Clearing his best friend’s name isn’t going to be easy, especially when telling the truth might mean worse trouble. Plus, the pretty blonde who’s pressing things is getting under his skin–too bad she shut him down the moment they met. 

When Brooke’s son lands in hot water at school, the school assigns the only available mentor: Captain Saint. With her son’s future at stake, Brooke is forced to cooperate with a man she doesn’t trust, regardless of how good-looking and good with kids might be. When the king makes it clear there’s no future for his chief communication officer and the reporter who’s trying to destroy his reputation, she’ll have to choose between her work and the captain who’s worked his way into her heart…

Taking Down the King is the fourth book in the Rocky Royal Romances, a complete five-book series. If you like a sweet, enemies-to-lovers holiday romance with a twist of fantasy and a dash of suspense, one-click this romance now. This book has a guaranteed HEA; it contains mild cursing and frank discussion of adult situations, including the Me Too movement, but no open-door sex scenes. It was previously published under the title The Jinxed Journalist. 


A boy from the docks stands no chance with a princess, right? 

If Rhododendron Broward could immunize herself against the inconvenient attraction she feels toward her brother’s best friend, she would’ve done it years ago. Even though she’s a doctor and researcher, she’s never found a cure for his charm. Thankfully, being a princess, she’s been able to keep him at arms’ length…until he volunteered as security for her expedition. 

Lieutenant Arron James just found out that he’s the next Duke of Greenmeadow Downs, and suddenly, everything he’s known about himself is in question. Well, not everything–he’s still in love with Rhodie Broward, just like he has been for years. And now he has three months by her side to see if he can convince her to give him a shot…without the dukedom tipping the scales. 

When Rhodie pulls rank on Arron, she finds the tables turned. Apologies aren’t enough for her boyfriend’s bruised heart and ego. Can she find the guts and grace to convince Arron to give her another chance? 

Winning Back the Duke is the fifth book in the sweet Rocky Royals Romance series. If you like beach romances with depth and heart, pick up this book now. Content warning: This book contains the depiction of disordered eating, miscarriage, and a parent with cancer. It was previously published under the title The Semi-Royal. 


What happens to a magic user when the magic starts using him?

The Warlord-in-Chief of Gratha is so old, he’s forgotten the name his mother gave him. His mind is already cracking under the burden of the magic, but if the warlords knew, all Jersey would break loose. Even if he trusted his little apprentice with his secret (and his heart), there’s nothing Frieda could do to help him…there’s nothing anyone can do. For the good of Gratha, she must take over the magic when he’s gone, and that will be soon. Using Frieda is essential; loving her wasn’t part of the plan.

Frieda didn’t ask to be in this position. Everyone else is scared stiff of the big, bad Warlord, but after years together, she’s becoming more his equal every day. She’s not disloyal; she’d never betray him. But she’s not going to let him keep her at arms’ length anymore…not when she finds out there’s more at stake than he’s let on.

He knows more about magic than anyone alive, but he’s still clueless when it comes to love. Good thing his apprentice is ready to school him.

Working Under the Warlord is a standalone novella and the sixth installment in the sweet Rocky Royal Romance series. It contains no open-door sex scenes, mild cursing, and a wicked happily ever after. Content warning: this book contains a severely depressed main character, discussion of suicide and mental illness, and the death of an adult child.

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