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Hello book buddies! I’m giving away THREE (yes, three!) signed paperbacks on Goodreads as my little holiday gift to you. If you’ve been waiting for Starla’s story, this is it! So hop on over to Goodreads and make it happen for yourself, friend. It won’t redeem 2020, because nothing can, but still, who deserves it more? Nobody. I see you. Click here to throw your name in the virtual hat!

Good luck!


Free Halloween “come back next year” signs!

Hello, book buddies! Halloween approacheth, and though it’s not my favorite holiday, I do always like to see the cute costumes on the kids. This year, however, we’re opting out in the name of safety. If you’re like us, here’s a cute printable to put up on your door to let people know you care.

And in case you missed it, I recently wrote a quarantine short story involving all your Timber Falls favs! You can give it a read here or listen to it here. Happy spooky days, book buddies!


Borderline: A Fantasy Romance Podcast

I know, book buddies. It’s hard to read right now. That stack of books is staring at you, your Kindle is whimpering from neglect, but every time you pick it up, it’s just too hard. So I thought it might be helpful if I read you The Ex-Princess. If you haven’t read it before (no judgment), you’ll get to experience it for the first time PLUS get a little “behind the scenes” commentary on the book, what inspired me as I wrote it, etc.

Just a little quarantine gift from me to you. Drop a comment and let me know if you enjoy it!

Here’s the first episode: Chapter One: Time to Fulfill Your Contract, Princess

How Kyle would give out candy…

Photo by Daisy Anderson on Pexels.com

Kyle opened the door. “Yes?”

“Trick or treat!” Starla’s kids were on his front porch, holding out pillowcases. No tiny plastic pumpkin would do for them, apparently. He had to admire their ambition. 

He put his hands on his hips. “You don’t look very intimidating. Maybe I should take my chances with the trick.” 

“He’s kidding,” Ainsley said, pushing past him with the basket full of peanut-free, gluten-free chocolate bars she’s insisted on, not wanting to turn any child away. “You guys look so great!”

“What are you supposed to be?” Kyle asked Aiden. 

“I’m Bear Gryllis. See?” He held up a large stuffed snake that was wrapped around his shoulders. 

“You’d need more dirt on your face,” Kyle said. “Just saying.” 

“That’s a good point,” Aiden muttered, moving off toward his yard, presumably to find some. Kyle watched him, inwardly horrified; he’d meant brown face paint or something, not actual dirt. Starla rolled her eyes at them both from the end of the front walk, and Ainsley handed Kyle the basket as she wandered down the walk to talk to her friend. Emily held up her pillow case a little higher, a little insistently, as if she could feel her candy opportunity slipping away now that Ainsley had left.  

“I don’t have to ask what you are. And not that it matters, but I approve.” She was dressed as a taco, her foam costume comically unwieldy on such a small frame, yet realistic in its topping depictions. 

“They’re my favorite.” 

“I believe I’ve heard something about that,” Kyle replied. “Do you have any food allergies?” 

The girl’s eyes widened, and she shook her head. He held out the basket. “Then you can take one of these.” 

“Just one?” she pouted, and begrudgingly, Kyle tipped his head to one side. 

“Fine. Two pieces. But no more than that. And eat them on different days. I won’t be responsible for tooth decay.” 

Emily grinned up at him, assuredly the happiest little taco on the block. She was darn cute, Kyle thought. He’d been mulling over the idea of kids more lately for no discernible reason. Watching the smiling girl choose her pieces, he thought maybe he’d broach the subject with Ainsley. Just then, Aiden came galloping back up, his face smeared with mud. 


Kyle nodded and held out the basket, so revolted that he forgot to ask about allergies. Then again, maybe he’d hold off on the baby thing. 

If you like my autistic hero, Kyle, you can read about his love story in Must Be a Mistake. You can read more about Starla and her adorable, taco-loving kiddos in More Than We Bargained For, which is currently $0.99 until it launches on November 9th. Half the pre-order profits will be going toward victims of the fires in Oregon, so read for a good cause!

She’s not flirting, she’s just keeping up employer-employee relations.

Martina and Carter’s story is out today! I’m pumped for you guys to get to watch them bend back toward each other, repair what they broke, and fall back in love again. And they’ve got some lovely side characters as well. I really poured the emotion into this one, so I hope it’s satisfying. I also tried something new and did a playlist on Spotify for ambiance, so let me know if you enjoy that.

It’s in Kindle Unlimited now, or you can get it for just $0.99 for the next few days. After that, the price will go up, so don’t put it off. Enjoy those last few days of summer with a nice, sweet read!

Happy reading, book buddy!

Now available on NetGalley: Could Be Something Good

Hey book buddies! Just a heads up my sweet small town contemporary romance is available NOW on NetGalley if you’re an ARC reader. Daniel and Winnie are a hilarious pair…she’s all things prim and proper, despite being up to her elbows in fluids during deliveries, and Daniel? Well, let’s just say, he’s about as easygoing as they come…until it comes to winning this midwife’s heart. He’s finally found someone he wants to fight for, and between Winnie’s reservations about their age difference and her mother’s disdain, he’s got his work cut out for him.

It was love at first brush-off…

Dr. Daniel Durand wanted Winnie Baker the minute he laid eyes on her. Never mind that she’s his attending physician’s daughter, can’t stand him, and she’s a few years older than him. Giving up would’ve been the smart thing to do when the hot blonde midwife gave him the cold shoulder at the elevators his first week of residency at Santiam, but he never did give up easy. After bonding over early-morning Mexican food, can he convince her that he’s just the arm candy she needs for that wedding…and get her to consider one of their own? 

Winnie Baker isn’t taking her cousin to another wedding. Her mentor’s big day is far too important to miss. And she’s not going by herself, not with her ex-boyfriend promising to be in attendance and blowing up her phone with texts on a weekly basis, asking for another chance. But the pickings are a bit slim in Timber Falls, a sleepy Oregon town in the foothills of the Cascades. She moved here to focus on building her midwifery practice, not get involved with cute millennial boys with trendy shoes and long eyelashes. And yet, even this small rural hospital is feeling a bit crowded, with her mother and her group of doctors-in-training constantly underfoot…especially since she was supposed to be one of those doctors. 

Could Be Something Good is the first book in the Timber Falls contemporary romance series. It contains mild cursing, a make-out scene involving melted butter and stolen moments in medical supply closets, but no open door sex scenes. If you like ridiculous bets, meddling relatives, and reverse dates, grab this book now. 

Ready to read it now? Here’s the link to the book on NetGalley: https://www.netgalley.com/widget/228824/redeem/3b3166f7520965e12583ccc701fe9975f64bf61397bc80cf2ede9267bc7d4fba

Not in the mood for contemporary right now? I get it. Would you consider adding it to your Goodreads TBR? Here’s the link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/52238791-could-be-something-good

Hope you’re all safe and well!