She’s not flirting, she’s just keeping up employer-employee relations.

Martina and Carter’s story is out today! I’m pumped for you guys to get to watch them bend back toward each other, repair what they broke, and fall back in love again. And they’ve got some lovely side characters as well. I really poured the emotion into this one, so I hope it’s satisfying. I also tried something new and did a playlist on Spotify for ambiance, so let me know if you enjoy that.

It’s in Kindle Unlimited now, or you can get it for just $0.99 for the next few days. After that, the price will go up, so don’t put it off. Enjoy those last few days of summer with a nice, sweet read!

Happy reading, book buddy!

Now available on NetGalley: Could Be Something Good

Hey book buddies! Just a heads up my sweet small town contemporary romance is available NOW on NetGalley if you’re an ARC reader. Daniel and Winnie are a hilarious pair…she’s all things prim and proper, despite being up to her elbows in fluids during deliveries, and Daniel? Well, let’s just say, he’s about as easygoing as they come…until it comes to winning this midwife’s heart. He’s finally found someone he wants to fight for, and between Winnie’s reservations about their age difference and her mother’s disdain, he’s got his work cut out for him.

It was love at first brush-off…

Dr. Daniel Durand wanted Winnie Baker the minute he laid eyes on her. Never mind that she’s his attending physician’s daughter, can’t stand him, and she’s a few years older than him. Giving up would’ve been the smart thing to do when the hot blonde midwife gave him the cold shoulder at the elevators his first week of residency at Santiam, but he never did give up easy. After bonding over early-morning Mexican food, can he convince her that he’s just the arm candy she needs for that wedding…and get her to consider one of their own? 

Winnie Baker isn’t taking her cousin to another wedding. Her mentor’s big day is far too important to miss. And she’s not going by herself, not with her ex-boyfriend promising to be in attendance and blowing up her phone with texts on a weekly basis, asking for another chance. But the pickings are a bit slim in Timber Falls, a sleepy Oregon town in the foothills of the Cascades. She moved here to focus on building her midwifery practice, not get involved with cute millennial boys with trendy shoes and long eyelashes. And yet, even this small rural hospital is feeling a bit crowded, with her mother and her group of doctors-in-training constantly underfoot…especially since she was supposed to be one of those doctors. 

Could Be Something Good is the first book in the Timber Falls contemporary romance series. It contains mild cursing, a make-out scene involving melted butter and stolen moments in medical supply closets, but no open door sex scenes. If you like ridiculous bets, meddling relatives, and reverse dates, grab this book now. 

Ready to read it now? Here’s the link to the book on NetGalley:

Not in the mood for contemporary right now? I get it. Would you consider adding it to your Goodreads TBR? Here’s the link:

Hope you’re all safe and well!

Borderline: A Fantasy Romance Podcast

I know, book buddies. It’s hard to read right now. That stack of books is staring at you, your Kindle is whimpering from neglect, but every time you pick it up, it’s just too hard. So I thought it might be helpful if I read you The Ex-Princess. If you haven’t read it before (no judgment), you’ll get to experience it for the first time PLUS get a little “behind the scenes” commentary on the book, what inspired me as I wrote it, etc.

Just a little quarantine gift from me to you. Drop a comment and let me know if you enjoy it!

Here’s the first episode: Chapter One: Time to Fulfill Your Contract, Princess

Magical Realism Love Stories: Late for the Party

Zen Buddhism has a girlfriend. The girlfriend is YouTube fame.

Tweeted by Magical Realism Bot (@MagicalRealismBot) on March 7th, 2020

I don’t know why this Twitter bot makes me so happy, but it just does. It creates the strangest scenarios I could ever imagine, and sometimes, I just want to see them play out. Especially when they’re love stories…because, you know, they’re kind of a thing for me. And you, I’m hoping. I’m going to write some of these goofy little love stories. They will be bizarre. You have been warned.

Photo by Tanner Vote on

“Are you ready to go?” Zen Buddhism poked his dark head into the bathroom. She’d been writing on the mirror with red lipstick again, the hairdryer was smoking, and it looked like her clothing had somehow exploded based on its scatter pattern. He sighed. It shouldn’t surprise him anymore, but it offended his sensibilities. Fame was still sitting on the closed toilet lid, half-dressed, scrolling through her phone, her wet, blonde curls falling over her shoulders.

“Almost,” she said, not taking her eyes off the screen.

He should’ve meditated a full hour instead of cutting it short; he wasn’t going to make it through the night without losing his cool if they didn’t get on the road soon. Zen massaged his temples, closing his eyes.

“We’re gonna be late, Fame.”

She looked at him then, and her coy smile lit up the small room. “People are happy to see me whenever I show up. You know that, hon.” She snapped her gum and went back to her scrolling. “Besides, it’s my party. I’ll be there for the main event. No point in showing up sooner.” Fame checked her Cartier watch. “She’s not drunk enough to do it yet. Don’t worry, sweetheart.”

“It would just be nice to get there in time for me to enjoy the party, too.” Once everyone was drunk, no one wanted to regulate their breathing or paint or drink tea or think about nature at all. Contemplation went right out the window when the keg came out. And strangely enough, alcohol really seemed to attract YouTube Fame…amateur musicians were a close second. He didn’t mind them as much.

Fame put down her phone, tapping her long nails on the counter. “You’re right. I’m being selfish. I’ll be ready in five.” Fifty-five? That he could believe. She stood and looked around the bathroom. “How does it get like this?”

Zen laughed. He couldn’t help it. His shoulder shook with it, his chest ached with it. She pulled him close by his collar and kissed him hard to shut him up. Her chaotic, transitory nature would always be a mystery to him, but he wasn’t going anywhere. She was wild, unpredictable, flitting like a bumblebee from flower to flower, and he burned to feel her life with him always. If there was a couple in the universe with a greater unity of opposites, he couldn’t…wait, no. That black hole was still dating that possum from Arkansas, and James Carville was still married to Mary Matalin. But they were a close third, and he hoped they would be for a long time.

Internalized misogyny and man chests: Isabelle Popp shares how she became a romance reader

I’ll admit–this article resonated with me. My own road to becoming a romance reader was bumpy. I picked up my first one quite by accident (Neanderthal Seeks Human by Penny Reid), being in search of both a bargain and a happy read which would rectify my lack of brain stimulation being a SAHM. So “smart romance” sounded like a win/win…and it was! In the interim, I have discovered that many people are offended by the phrase, assuming that the author is implying that the rest of romance is dumb. Let me summarize: she’s not. A better tagline might be “romance for people who like academia,” but that doesn’t quite roll off the tongue. People perhaps think the same thing about my own tagline: “real romance in unreal worlds.” It could be misconstrued, I realize, to say that some romance is unreal…which is not what I intended to say. Merely that I want to infuse real relationship advice into my books, something you can carry into your real life and use. Reading as an escape is perfectly acceptable, but sometimes, it’s just not what I’m looking for. Pure fantasy and perfect romances with all swoony kisses and no misfires gets…old? It’s like cotton candy. I like a little. I don’t like a lot.

Anyway, read this article (if you want), then tell me how YOU became a romance reader in the comments!

“Reading as an escape is perfectly acceptable, but sometimes, it’s just not what I’m looking for. Pure fantasy and perfect romances with all swoony kisses and no misfires gets…old?” @fionawestauthor shares her journey to becoming a romance reader