The Un-Queen: Meeting the Guys

In this chapter, Abbie is finally meeting Edward/Parker’s childhood best friends, but they’re in the midst of an argument that they haven’t resolved yet regarding her health and their different conflict styles. Abbie is concerned that their arranged marriage is going to end up much more uncomfortable than she’s imagined…engagement is the pits, sometimes. Oh,Continue reading “The Un-Queen: Meeting the Guys”

Four Love Letters: Edward to Abbie (The Ex-Princess, The Un-Queen)

This is part of a Valentine’s Day bonus for my fans! Hope you have fun imagining with me how our heroes would celebrate the holiday…which one’s your favorite? Leave me a comment! You can also download these letters as a PDF at the bottom of the page. Enjoy, book buddies! Edward’s adorably nerdy courtship withContinue reading “Four Love Letters: Edward to Abbie (The Ex-Princess, The Un-Queen)”