Now available on NetGalley: Could Be Something Good

Hey book buddies! Just a heads up my sweet small town contemporary romance is available NOW on NetGalley if you’re an ARC reader. Daniel and Winnie are a hilarious pair…she’s all things prim and proper, despite being up to her elbows in fluids during deliveries, and Daniel? Well, let’s just say, he’s about as easygoingContinue reading “Now available on NetGalley: Could Be Something Good”

Borderline: A Fantasy Romance Podcast

I know, book buddies. It’s hard to read right now. That stack of books is staring at you, your Kindle is whimpering from neglect, but every time you pick it up, it’s just too hard. So I thought it might be helpful if I read you The Ex-Princess. If you haven’t read it before (noContinue reading “Borderline: A Fantasy Romance Podcast”

Magical Realism Love Stories: Late for the Party

Zen Buddhism has a girlfriend. The girlfriend is YouTube fame. Tweeted by Magical Realism Bot (@MagicalRealismBot) on March 7th, 2020 I don’t know why this Twitter bot makes me so happy, but it just does. It creates the strangest scenarios I could ever imagine, and sometimes, I just want to see them play out. EspeciallyContinue reading “Magical Realism Love Stories: Late for the Party”

Internalized misogyny and man chests: Isabelle Popp shares how she became a romance reader

I’ll admit–this article resonated with me. My own road to becoming a romance reader was bumpy. I picked up my first one quite by accident (Neanderthal Seeks Human by Penny Reid), being in search of both a bargain and a happy read which would rectify my lack of brain stimulation being a SAHM. So “smartContinue reading “Internalized misogyny and man chests: Isabelle Popp shares how she became a romance reader”

The Un-Queen: Meeting the Guys

In this chapter, Abbie is finally meeting Edward/Parker’s childhood best friends, but they’re in the midst of an argument that they haven’t resolved yet regarding her health and their different conflict styles. Abbie is concerned that their arranged marriage is going to end up much more uncomfortable than she’s imagined…engagement is the pits, sometimes. Oh,Continue reading “The Un-Queen: Meeting the Guys”