Inking Against Invisibility — Longreads

I loved this. I just can’t even say how much. Yes, it made me cry, because I’ve been there, being told you’re being ridiculous and “that doesn’t happen to people.” But hearing it from someone else’s lips is healing, somehow. And if you haven’t picked up any of Talia’s books yet, I’ll put a linkContinue reading “Inking Against Invisibility — Longreads”

The Ex-Princess is one of Publishers Weekly’s Best Books of 2019!

My jaw is still recovering from the massive drop it experienced last week when I heard the news…my debut novel? One of the best books of 2019? Out of all the romances published? The only indie book highlighted, no less? It’s hard to express how AMAZING it is that a sweet, non-steamy, indie published romanceContinue reading “The Ex-Princess is one of Publishers Weekly’s Best Books of 2019!”

Work-in-Progress Wednesday

“Did you mean to give me a ‘come hither’ stare?” Abbie asked. Parker grinned. “I was just enjoying watching you. I didn’t know it would summon you, but I’m not sorry it did.” He held out a white-gloved hand. “Would you like to waltz with me?” “Are you any good?” “I excel at many things,Continue reading “Work-in-Progress Wednesday”

In Defence of Romance: What it Can Do in a Fantasy Story (Or ANY Story)

Originally posted on Pages Below the Vaulted Sky:
Today is the start of Wyrd & Wonder (hosted by Lisa, Jorie, and imyril), a month dedicated to the celebration of all things fantastical. Look forward to essay posts, lists, reviews, and more. Let’s get started! “But Kathy, who’s going out of their way to attack romance…