The Ex-Princess is one of Publishers Weekly’s Best Books of 2019!

My jaw is still recovering from the massive drop it experienced last week when I heard the news…my debut novel? One of the best books of 2019? Out of all the romances published? The only indie book highlighted, no less? It’s hard to express how AMAZING it is that a sweet, non-steamy, indie published romance made this list, friends. I can’t really understate how unusual that is.

I’m incredibly thrilled that my book’s on this list, especially since The Jinxed Journalist just came out and I’d really like to get more readers into this wonderful series. It expresses so much about family and justice and real romance that’s close to my heart, and it’s so unusual to find that, in a sweet fantasy romance context no less! So much fantasy is very dark, and I want my books to be light and slightly silly and hopeful. I want them to be feel-good, even if they make you cry a little bit.

A special thanks to everyone who reviewed the book, especially in the early days when PW was trying to decide if they’d even look at it. You contributed to this success! You rock.

Back to work…you’re going to love Rhodie and Arron’s story, so I’d better get back to writing it! The first draft of The Semi-Royal is almost done! If you haven’t read The Ex-Princess, it’s just $0.99 right now, so go grab your copy:

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