For pirates

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We all make mistakes sometimes.

So you had a moment of weakness. You downloaded one of my books (or maybe more than one) from one of those sites…you know the ones I’m talking about. And maybe it’s weighing on your conscience now, because you liked the book, and you think authors should get paid for their work just like everyone else.

Well, I have great news.

I’m offering absolution. You can send the appropriate cost to my PayPal account, and we can forget this ever happened. I’m happy to have you as a fan!

Happy reading!

4 thoughts on “For pirates

  1. Shiver me timbers. I clicked on your “for pirates 🏴‍☠️“ button wondering what it was!
    I’m delighted to tell you that I’m a genuine reader, always paying to read – that does include my pieces of 8 going to Kindle Unlimited…


      1. Fiona, thanks so much for taking time to respond! I appreciated your reply. I have enjoyed the whole Timber Falls series – had diarised the release of “Just Getting Started”.

        I confess, whilst reading the introductory note, my heart gave a little lurch. Oh oh, would a “recovering addiction” theme work, in a romantic novel.

        Fortunately, you pre-empted those concerns, explaining whilst a central theme, drug use was confined to the opening.

        Having already teased Chase and Lizzie’s relationship (in Martina and Carter’s story – plus sensitive treatment of Alzheimer’s) – and based on the whole series to date, I’m so pleased I trusted your story telling.

        I really enjoyed their journey and whilst you pushed me out of my comfort zone, I did feel a little more informed and understanding.

        I was delighted to see a new story – Christopher and Paige – in the works, and look forward to catching up with news of Lizzie and Chase (snd the rest of the gang!)…

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  2. I am humbled that you’d put your trust in me. I know it was a stretch–trust me, writing it was a stretch as well! I’m so glad you enjoyed the story and found it satisfying and enlightening! That’s a true compliment.


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