Friday Feature: Favorite Words I Read This Week

Loved Charlotte’s thoughts, as usual! And it makes think about unreliable narrators…does it decrease our trust in him that he’s waffling so much, or can we just take it as a sign that he’s anxious about the experience?

Close Reading Romance

Photo bySusan Holt SimpsononUnsplash

Anyone who follows me over on Twitter has watched me yell in excitement about Scarlett Peckham’s The Lord I Left for the better part of a week. I savored this book slowly (until the end when I couldn’t stop myself) and enjoyed so much about it.

The passage I picked occurrs only a handful of sentences into the first chapter, and there isn’t much context for it. All we know about Henry Evesham’s current situation is that he’s just knocked on the door of a “whipping house” with a “forbidding reputation,” one that he’s visited at least once before. A visit which ended, as we learn, in our hero fleeing from a woman named Alice.

If he was being honest with himself – and he’d vowed to be rigorously honest with himself – Alice, for it was untruthful to pretend he did not…

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